Essay about Nanotechnology is A Good Thing

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Introduction Nanotechnology is a term used in reference to the science and engineering whereby the basic building blocks of matter such as atoms and molecules are manipulated. In the future, nanotechnology will give a greater control over the materials used in the manufacturing processes. In addition, nanotechnology will also enable manufacturers to have control over how materials are produced. Nanotechnology remains a controversial issue that has elicited varied debates among scholars (Hunt and Mehta 8). Those who support nanotechnology do so based on the benefits of the technology in areas such as treating diseases, purifying water, and cleaning up different materials. Opponents of nanotechnology have a pessimistic view, and they argue …show more content…
The incorporation of clay nanoparticles makes these balls to last twice longer than a regular baseball (Allhoff and Lin 4). Nanotechnology has also been used in manufacturing stain resistant fabric that is used in restaurants. Nanotechnology has added value to different consumer products by giving these products different properties such as resistance to gas and water (Allhoff and Lin 4). Another reason nanotechnology should be embraced is because the technology has the potential of significantly improving national security and defense. National security and defense is very important, especially in the modern society characterized by insecurity from terrorism. The important role nanotechnology will play in national security and defense in the future is one of the reasons the U.S government is spending 847 million dollars annually in improving the technology (Hunt and Mehta 13). The Department of Defense (DOD) alone spent 243 million dollars in research and development of nanotechnology. The research that is being conducted by the DOD aims at using nanotechnology to enhance offensive and defensive military capabilities of the U.S military. Specifically, DOD is interested in using nanotechnology to improve its ability to acquire, process, and store information (Hunt and Mehta 13). Nanotechnology should also be embraced because of its application in medicine. Researchers have noted that nanotechnology will revolutionize how

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