Named of Some Other Name Essay

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Readers of David Jones often either celebrate or abhor the fact that Jones was a Christian. What many of them do not realize is that Jones was an artist who happened to be a Christian, and his faith actually made him a more powerful and important artist. Jones is so important because of the way he saw the world, and his effort to make his vision experienced by his audience. One of Jones’s important beliefs was that “Myths and archetypes from all periods of the world’s history may find their true fulfillment in the symbolism of Christianity” (Blamires 68). Jones specifically portrays this view in two of his major works—the drawing “Aphrodite in Aulis” and the poem “The Tutelar of the Place.” The female figures depicted in these works …show more content…
In a David Jones lecture I attended at school, the presenter, Professor Haas, showed us another interesting aspect of the drawing I had not noticed before which is the duality of the persona. Most of his inspiration came from the article by Paul Hill entitled, “The Pierced Hermaphrodite.” If the drawing is closely scrutinized, we can see that the figure of Aphrodite is almost literally two people joined together. The eyes are misaligned, one hip is larger than the other, the shape and size of the arms and legs are different, and the most noticeable attribute is the vast difference of the breasts. One breast is swollen and lower, prepared for breastfeeding, while the other is smaller and perky. This key feature is what makes sure all goddesses are being included. The swollen breast is what includes motherly goddess figures such as the virgin Mary and the mother of the west, while the smaller breast is more like that of a courtesan and makes the goddesses of love and pleasure included in this montage of figures (Haas).
As a side note, experts agree that Jones received his inspiration for the differentiated breasts from a Renaissance painting by Fouquet, called The Melun Diptych (1453-4). The virgin Mary in this painting also portrays two different breasts, one bared and ready for feeding, the other covered and suitable for the duty of a courtesan. Fouquet was believed to have been showing

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