Myth of Narnia Essay

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There are many Christian believers out there that consider the bible to be a collection of all the pieces of writing from Jesus’s disciples about all of his teachings. However, to others, the bible, Jesus, and the Lord are considered a myth. One Christian believer named C. S. Lewis, is most well known for his famous novel series, The Chronicle of Narnia. When someone reads the book series or watches the movies, they may just see a magnificent fantasy world full of mystical creatures and war. The series may be seen as having no real purpose of being created other than to entertain the audience. However, if people pay attention enough, they may see some similarities between the series and Christianity. That was no accident. C.S. Lewis took …show more content…
The youngest sister finds a magical wardrobe that takes her to a land called Narnia that is filled with mystical creatures. She tells her siblings about it and they all venture into the wardrobe together. They meet the king of Narnia, a lion named Aslan, and many other creatures and humanoids that are in a desperate state. They come to find out that the land is at war with an evil witch and that the four of them are the destined saviors of Narnia (Evely). In book two, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, Prince Caspian, a prince a human city in Narnia, escapes from his own assassination ordered by his uncle and sounds a strange horn that brings the four siblings, from the first movie, back to Narnia to help the land once again. Prince Caspian’s uncle wants to obliterate all the mystical creatures in the land and allow humans to rule over Narnia. The four children, Caspian, and all the surviving mystical creatures gather up to fight back against the human empire and bring peace back to the land (Jewell). The Narnia Chronicle was written as a combination of C. S. Lewis’s own made up story and parts of Christian belief. Since the bible and other Christian beliefs have yet to be proven real or true, it is safe to say that most Christian beliefs could possibly be myth. The main myths that are included in Narnia from the Christian religion is the belief and nature of god. Another myth that is included in the series is the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and his

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