Myers-Briggs and the Big Five Personality Assessments Essay

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In today’s competitive marketplace, companies are looking for every advantage to be the most efficient with the highest customer satisfaction. In order for corporations to achieve this goal, the individual teams and employees must be highly successful. To form highly functioning teams it is important for each team member to understand the goal of the team, how they meet this goal and how the team members interact. To understand how an individual behaves different personality assessments were developed. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate what the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Big Five model personality assessements, why companies use these trait identifiers, and how using these indicators can improve teams and employee …show more content…
Extroverts tend to prefer a work style, which allows different job tasks, interaction with others and provides an array of experiences. Introverts prefer a quiet work environment where they can concentrate and investigate in depth particular tasks. Sensing personalities are good with meticulous work, show patience, and follow a routine. Intuitive types do not prefer repetition, tend to react impulsively, and enjoy solving different problems. People who want praise, are likely to be considerate, and prefer harmony describe the feeling trait. The thinking trait is best described as preferring a rational order, uncaring, and uninterested in feelings. Perceptives are spontaneous, adjustable and want to learn as much as possible before beginning an assignment. The judgmental trait can be explained as decisive, focused on completing the job, and fast decision makers.
The Big Five model is a descriptive model of personality. The Big Five model uses basic personality aspects to include the major differences in human personality (Robbins & Coulter, 2009). The five traits are extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional Stability, and openness to experience. Extraversion is described as a person who is outgoing, confident, and talkative. The degree to which people are

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