Essay about My Work Experience

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My Work Experience

When you're young you want to be everything. A vet, a zookeeper, a teacher, a mum! It's not until you get older that you realise life isn't actually that simple. The choice broadens; the status of job becomes an issue and expectations rise. Evidently I have no idea what I want to do or be in the future, which will totally satisfy my needs, enjoyment and my parents' expectations.

So when we were told to choose a place for work experience I was stumped. I considered a number of business firms, banks and offices but I knew that wasn't really what I wanted to do, not yet anyway. My sister suggested helping out at The Dubai Centre for Special Needs where she had worked the
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If we had stayed together we probably would have ended up relying on each other and not thought for ourselves or figured out problems independently but asked the others advice. That's not to say we never saw each other or discussed our class, we did, but we were also given the chance to be our own person at the same time.

I was put into a class of eight students. Three of them were ten years old and had hearing impairments. But this certainly didn't stop them from 'talking in class' or having friends. They were fluent in sign language. No time would you ever look over at them and see them quietly getting on with their work. They were always deep in some conversation, which usually involved a lot of giggling and pointing! Rather than trying to stop them my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to open up the book of signing that was put in front of me and suss it out. But they were way too fast for me. No matter how quickly I turned those pages I was never going to keep up with them and even if I could, matching their actions to the little drawings on the pages was impossible. Luckily one of the little girls noticed me struggling and wrote me a little message on a scrap piece of paper.

'So that's how they communicate with people who can't sign' I though 'how frustrating it must be for them!'

Then she started signing and

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