Essay on My Work Experience at Better Value

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I was sixteen years old. I was in high school. I already was working full time after school and on weekends at Dunkin Donuts. I decided that I wanted to take on another job. I applied at a local grocery store named Better Value. Better Value was a small chain of grocery stores located throughout the surrounding towns that I grew up in. I can recall going shopping at an A & P when I was younger; Better Value was a similar style store, in fact some of the Better Value grocery stores had occupied buildings that A & P previously occupied years before.
I was immediately called in for an interview. The older women who called me stated that she needed me to come in for the interview as soon as I was available. We made arrangements for me to
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I had to call out of my first job at Dunkin Donuts that night so that I could impress the Better Value manger with my availability and desire to be a new employee. My second day training at Better Value was very similar to the first day. I stood at a cash register and watched while another cashier worked. At some point during my second day another employee walked me through the store showing me where everything goes and what the back of the store restricted for only employees looked like. This employee appeared to have been working at the Better Value for a long time and was very enthusicaste about knowing just about everything there was to know about the store. He was a middle aged man looked slightly slow and didn’t seem to be very hygenitic. I couldn’t wait for his tour to be complete. I felt akward listing to him explain the gossip and rumor mill of the Better Value. Shortly after he completed his tour, he let me have a lunch break. During the tour he had pointed out that I could get a free deli sandwich every day that I worked atleast a eight hour shift. I decided to get a deli sandwich, to this day I am sure that the deli sandwich I ate that day was the best thing about my very short employment at the Better Value in Plaintfield, CT. My last day at Better Value was also my third day working there. I showed up for work and was advised that I

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