My Volunteer Work With the Boys and Girls Club Essay

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I began by tutoring at the Boys and Girls Club (BGC) and eventually became a teacher at the boys and girls club. The focus of my continued volunteer work was to enrich the children’s after school experience whether they needed help with homework or busy work. During my volunteer work the issue that stuck out in my mid continuously was social class or classism. The BGC emphasizes many different issues and points such as “creating aspirations for the future,” “Helping youth become responsible, caring citizens and acquire skills for participating in the democratic process is the main thrust of these programs and also to develop leadership skills and provide opportunities for planning, decision-making.” BGC encourages kids to engage in …show more content…
(Fuller, 2010) When life became more centered on wealth and abundance of goods instead of survival. Wealth and education define social class so the more wealth and education you had the higher the social class and the more prominent in society the person was. Normally those with an abundance of wealth and higher social class are those that are prominent in society, politicians, doctors, judges, lawyers etc. Classism will continue to survive as long as we have wealth and ability to acquire more that is needed for survival.
Classism is important because as the poor are marginalized societal classes drift farther and farther apart constraining growth and development of society, government etc. By marginalizing those in lower classes and labeling their abilities and capabilities is to limit ourselves as a society. This is important because it impacts everyone and our system. Classism has many different effects however I will only discuss a few since every experience is personalized. One experience is what I have come to know as “the cycle,” the cycle is poverty in mutli-generations and therefore it continues or vice versa always wealthy. The second experience that I will discuss more in this paper is the label kid who is exceptionally bright and talented but cannot achieve anything higher because of their social standing and class.
The Boys and Girls Club is safe place for

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