My Philosophy of Education Essay

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My philosophy of education

Throughout our school years we are told to decide what we want to do with our lives. I have had a hard time deciding on the right career choice for myself. During my field placement I learned that I really want to make a difference in children’s lives. The enjoyment that one gets out of seeing the looks on their students faces is rewarding. I enjoyed working with the students and now I know that becoming a teacher is for me.

The purpose of education is to teach children that learning is valuable and that the mind wants and needs to grow by learning. All children can learn if they put their mind to it. Not everyone learns the same way, but we are all capable of learning. I have a cousin who is
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I will make sure that when a student does not understand something that I take the time to help them until they understand. I do not want to make any of my students’ feel that they are not important and they are unintelligent because they do not understand. A teacher that makes their students feel this way is not a very good teacher.

Group work is motivational to the students. Putting the students into groups can sometimes be hard. The way I will do this is by sometimes letting them choose their own groups and other times putting the students that are good at what we are doing with the ones that just are not getting it. Group work lets the students interact with one another and learn about other people. Learning about different ethnic backgrounds can also occur during group activities.

I will make the subject matter interesting. Playing games and doing different math activities will keep the students interests going. Writing their homework answers on the board will help them with skills of getting up in front of the class. For some students standing in front of a group of people is the most terrifying thing. My class will play racing games to see who can get to the answer the fastest. I always enjoyed doing that. The math teacher I had always played this game with us and during the game she would help us if we got stuck on something. She encouraged us to attempt every problem even if we ended of with the wrong answer.

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