Essay on My Mother

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My Mother


    When I was young, I drew a picture of my mother. It was her standing in a yard with a house in the background.  It wasn't our house, and my mother looked like anyone but herself.  Dressed entirely in green, with green hair and a green expression on her green face, she stood in front of a green two-story house surrounded by a green landscape.  Green was her favorite color, and I wanted to make a surprise out of the drawing for her.


    My mother was a god to me in those days, and in my eyes she could do no wrong.  I think she understood this, and in turn she lavished attention on me like I was a princess in my own little world whose wishes
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 Although I was not always the initiator of the fight, I could not leave the argument without delivering a killing blow.  This usually meant leaving my mother in tears, and as I could not bring myself to see what I was doing to her, I

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