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My Little Pony: Friendship is a cartoon produced by Lauren Faust, and is the newest generation of the franchise of the original My Little Pony (aka My Pretty Pony) toys which were released in 1983. What makes this show so different from the other generations of My Little Pony is that the show is intended for children, and adults. The show discusses topics such as racism, politics, feminism and imperialism. The show is simple enough for children to understand, but is very detailed and so interesting the show has over 20 million fans, mostly males. The story revolves around six adult female ponies who learn lessons about friendship and harmony.

There are four different races of ponies. The specific race I will be going over is the
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There are many different joints in the pegasus wing: carpal joint, lesser coverts, margin, axillaries, primaries, primary converts, secondary coverts, and secondaries. This study goes back to greek mythology as well as many of these other studies. The particular pro

A month after a pony gives birth to a pegasus foal (a foal is an infant horse) they eventually learn how to fly. This has caused many problems for characters in the show. Imagine your child randomly flying away from you. When a foal is very small and still can’t talk, it is most likely to be able to fly and pick up it’s body weight with it’s wings because it has not developed yet. The wings of a pegasus are strong, even from when they are born. Pegasus are known for being athletic after all. As the pony gets older, and becomes around the age of 7-13 in human years, the pony is not able to grow. This is because their bodies grow before their wings do, and they must wait until puberty for them to grow strong enough to fly again. Pegasus are also known to do extraordinary things planes can’t, such as pull 90 degree turns.

A specific character in the show, Rainbow Dash, is able to do what is called a ‘Sonic Rainboom’. The rainboom is only possible when she accelerates faster than the speed of sound. The boom is actually called a mach cone which is only possible to be made (by for example an airplane) if it’s at a transonic speed just before reaching the speed of

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