MyIT SharePoint Essay

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SharePoint is a business collaboration platform developed by Microsoft. It enables employees, project teams and businesses to effectively create and manage collaborative intranet websites to facilitate the sharing of information (Microsoft). The Georgia State University (GSU), CIS capstone project team has been assigned to the Georgia-Pacific, LLC (GP) department of Enterprise Systems & Services, the site owner of the myIT SharePoint site, which is the focus of the CIS capstone project.
The myIT SharePoint site according to GP is the center of information sharing and collaboration for its IT employees. In addition, the site provides enterprise wide IT content and knowledge sharing on a wide variety of IT topics. However, the site has
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Moreover, by incorporating the design principle, of “Adaptive Branding” into the site’s redesign the GSU team could address the end user’s need for a sense of community (DIGIT). The redesign of the myIT site is a straightforward process. SharePoint allows developers to create SharePoint sites using most HTML editors to create a markup of a site, which can then be, imported into SharePoint. Alternatively, developers can use site wire frames and web widgets found in SharePoint to create a site. This flexibility will allow the GSU project team to incorporate current web design practices and site navigation systems, which will in turn make the site more functional for end users. However, the creating a sense of community will be difficult in that it will require the buy-in by both site managers and end users. Without this buy-in, the site will fail over time. To facilitate the adoption of the site by end users, site managers will need to moderate the site and address issues of site navigation and content access as they come up. Failure to do so will hamper the adoption of the site into an end user’s regular work processes. In addition to redesigning the myIT site, the GSU project team recommends that a review the current permission process used by site administers be conducted, to insure that any changes implemented by the GSU project team will not conflict with existing permissions protocols. Moreover, the redesign of the site

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