My Interest in Social Work Essay

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Reflecting back on my childhood, I always had a vivid imagination. I would imagine being a doctor, lawyer, or even the first female president of the United States of America. But, I never considered a career in social work. Over the years I realized that I like helping people, but my thoughts of what I wanted to be were indifferent. In high school my counselor had me do a career survey to see what may have interest me. The most common choices were Nursing, Teaching, or becoming a Social Worker. So I went on the Internet and researched as much as I could on each career choice. Nevertheless, at that point of my life I thought that Nursing was the best career choice for me.
For the first two years of college, I excelled in taking Nursing
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But, finally I did not care what people thought and I was happy with my decision and the new journey of becoming a social worker,
Personal Strengths Over the years I noticed that one of my personal strengths was the ability to know when someone was upset or hurt. Sometimes I would see a complete stranger and go up to them and ask them if they were okay. I often got teased by some of my friends who would call me the counselor but it was always just a sense of humor. I admired the idea because they always were able to talk to me. But, at that point in my life, I never realized how much the things that I loved to do related to some of the same qualities of a Social Worker. It important to have good communication skills when working with your clients, and not be lost for words during meeting. The client may feel that they he/she cannot connect with you proficiently. Or, for that matter he/she may not even want you as their social worker. You have to have good eye- connect, listening skills, and vocal skills. As, a social worker you have to be able to help your patients no matter if they are male, female, white, black, or poor; in other words you cannot be judgmental. After working at my Field Observation I demonstrated this effectively. I never felt uncomfortable, or unsafe, I was happy to work with diverse people. Furthermore, I know how feels to be judge so I would not want to do something to someone else that I would not like

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