My Experiment withTranscendentalism Essay example

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Transcendentalism is the system of philosophy emphasizing the intuitive and spiritual above the empirical and material. Through my experimentation I have found that the two most important principles of Transcendentalism are self-reliance and anti-materialism. While I experimented being completely self-reliant I made my own meals and did everything myself so I did not have to wait or rely on anyone. Another experiment I conducted was anti-materialism, during which I did not use any items of technology that were not completely necessary, and instead focused my attention on important things like making music and doing well on my schoolwork. My experimentation supported the beliefs expressed in the principles of Transcendentalism because I …show more content…
A discovery I made while undergoing my self-reliance experiment was that I felt proud about not having to bother anyone with such simple things like making food and washing my clothes. My stepmother also appreciated the fact that she had one less mouth to feed and a few less clothes to wash. In Henry David Thoreau’s famous novel Walden, he states that our life is “fritted away by detail” and we need “simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!” Thoreau is describing how we should not overcomplicate our lives with irrelevant things, which we would now recognize as television, computers, or any other materialistic item we could live without. Thoreau believed that people had become slaves of technology and even wrote “we do not ride on the railroad, it rides upon us…”, after he saw how much people were dependent on the railroads. Henry David Thoreau also thought that you should “let your affairs be as two or three, and not a hundred or a thousand” so you would not focus on ridiculous things and only focus on the necessary affairs in your life. My experiment of anti-materialism was moderately difficult because I have become so accustomed to all the frivolous things in my life used for entertainment. For example, I usually spend most of my time on the computer of playing videogames, but while I was completing my experiment I was able to pay attention to the important things in my life such as

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