Music Education Should music education be cut out of the school budget?

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Can music be a distraction to other students working in classrooms? Can music change how a person thinks or feels? Is music a different medium that one can learn from? Are music education cuts robbing students of the opportunity to learn and grow through a different medium? These are all questions that one should take into consideration when they are thinking about cutting music education from the schools. There are many roles that music education can take; roles in society, and involving jobs and extra activities for the young and the old. Another role music takes on is music education in school. Music can help a student to focus on their work better while learning, counting, and as well as developing new languages that are taught in …show more content…
This is because such a class gives one an opportunity to take a break from the classroom and express their selves in a different way. Harmony also teaches a student many things. It teaches not only being able to sing well with others but how to create a connection with other people. Singing in a choir with others creates a sense of belonging and connection between students; making school something students look forward to instead of dreading. Another positive point is music study enhances teamwork skills and discipline. All players must work together and commit to learning music, attending rehearsals and practicing. Without every member present and doing their best the performance will not be the same. There are many benefits of having different classes in the schools. The benefits to a school having a strong musical art program include: intensified student motivation to learn, better school attendance, increased graduation rates, improved multicultural understanding, the development of higher-order thinking skills, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. All of these things have a huge benefit to schools and give obvious reasons to why art education is so important to have. What one can take from this information is that music education can help a student when they are dealing with stress or if they need to get away from the challenges of their school

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