Music Business for Film Composers Essay

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Music Business for Film Composers

You should provide a critical review of your position as a (film) composer in the creative industries.

(Intro 300)

Within the modern creative industry the role of the composer has become something of a multidisciplinary profession. As theorist Cork states, at no time, whatever society he lived in, has the composer been able to exist solely on the returns of his compositions, subsidiary work has almost always a necessity in order to sustain a livelihood . Indeed throughout history we see irrefutable evidence in support of his bold statement. Simply assessing a selection of compositions greatest reveals Mozart and Chopin to be part-time piano tutors, Brahms and Wagner conductors, Schumann
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Then secondly as to how the composer or artist can target those needs and effectively promote and market their own product.

Background (1000 Approx.) (200)

• Knowledge, experience and skills

Reflecting upon my own background sees me in complete agreement with the aforementioned Cork and his remarks regarding the multifaceted composer. If I consider the professional trifecta of composing, performing and teaching I find that the substantial part of my return comes from the latter two. My academic achievements, namely my Honours degree in Popular Music in conjunction with my live experience has lent itself well to my pursuits as a music performer and educational practitioner. It is then through my postgraduate study that I am furthering my pursuit of composition and developing it as a substantial revenue stream. My own compositional skills stem from being heavily involved in the said professions –as an educator and performer, and as a result I have become versatile across a range of genres having learnt a great deal from both my students and from performing alongside established musicians. Taking what I’ve learned in practise I have been able to transfer my knowledge to the manuscript and composed music for media across several platforms. My previous work includes YouTube shorts, competition entries and sound for

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