Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy Essay examples

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The term Munchausen syndrome by Proxy was originally coined by Meadow in (1977), to describe a situation in which a caregiver "creates factitious symptoms or signs in order to mislead the physician into believing the child is ill" (Blumenthal, 106). Meadow (2002) further defines Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy,

The children had incurred numerous needles and painful hospital admissions, investigations, and procedures because of a false story and factitious signs...the falsification was not by the patient themselves but by another person "acting on their behalf" which is a proxy (502).

Under the law, Munchausen's by proxy is considered a form of child maltreatment, as it "entails having inflicted harm upon a child by a caretaker and thus
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There are also persistent medical examinations, procedures and surgeries. It is also common that signs and symptoms of the illness disappear when the child and parent are separated (Blumenthal, 107). The perpetrator may go as far as "fabricating or alterating investigation samples." Some examples of this may include, adding salt to a child's blood sample or heating a thermometer to produce a higher fever" (Blumenthal, 107). The parent is often eager to participate in medical procedures such as bringing in food from home, and refusing to leave the hospital (Parrish & Joy, 143).

Goodman (1994) explains that the "illness is the culprit and the patient is the victim" (153). Here he explains that parents often see themselves as a victim fighting against doctors who cannot think of the cause of the illness. This is further complicated because of a "reluctance to pathologize a parent with a potentially genuinely ill child." Medical staffs are usually split in half when suspicions of Munchausens syndrome by proxy are brought up (Parrish and Joy, 147). A study by Meadow (2004) reports,

Children of FDBP perpetrators often present with symptoms that are incongruent to their general health. Even experienced specialists are often perplexed and are heard to make such responses as "I've never seen a

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