Multi-frequency and Multi-function Wearable Antenna Essay

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Antennas are key components of any wireless system. An antenna is a conductor that can transmit, send and receive Electromagnetic (microwave, radio or satellite) signals... Most antennas are resonant devices, which operate efficiently over a relative narrow frequency band. There are different types of antennas. The dipole antenna is the first type of antenna to be ever used and the simplest one to study and understand, it is a strait wire fed from the center. Directional antenna is used for antennas which radiates power in focused and specific direction. Microwave Antennas which include parabolic reflector and horn antennas and are used for high gain. The Microstrip patch antenna is a single layer design which commonly
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Furthermore, by adding loads between the ground plane and the patch, like pins, varicap diode and varactor diodes, microstrip antennas with changing resonant frequency, impedance, polarization and pattern are to be designed.

The above performance and advantages of microstrip patch antennas such as low weight, high intensity, low profile and low cost made these antennas the accurate choice for wireless communication world. These antennas have the ability and capability to integrate with microwave circuits and therefore they are very well suited for different cell devices applications, navigation systems application and WLAN applications.
2. Design consideration for Microstrip rectangular antenna

Literature Review
Since recent multi-functionality is required for the use of antennas operating in multiple frequency bands. Therefore, in this paper the microstrip patch antenna candidate is selected to be an E-Shaped based on previous works.
[1] In which a wideband planar E- shaped textile antenna was presented and studied its performance numerically and experimentally. The textile material and radiation patch shape provided for that antenna in wide working band was (2.25 GHz-2.75 GHz).
[2] in which the designed antenna using different dielectric constants to improve its efficiency, directivity and gain.
[3] In this paper an antenna was

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