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Movies When I was a kid (not that long ago, thank you), movies made me dream of what my life would be like when I grew up. After coming back from a great movie, I could sit in my room for hours and fantasize about the worlds I would see and the places I would visit outside my bedroom window, the places that only exist in that narrow, nebulous space between dreaming and waking. As I grew older, "wiser" and less innocent, I realized that those moments of fantasy can only be captured for a moment. As is the cruelty of adulthood, they are banished in an instant when the alarm clock rings, leaving only sorrow, regret and the slim anticipation that upon …show more content…
The story line is as simple as it is sublime. Teenaged Tobey Maguire lives unhappy and unfulfilled in a typical 90's household, with a lonely mother, long since deserted by her husband, who bounces from one boyfriend to the next,, Meanwhile, sister Reese Witherspoon fills up the emptiness with, well...she's the school slut. Tobey tunes it all out by hiding int he world of Pleasantville, his favorite 50's TV show (think Leave It To Beaver, only twice as perfect). After setting up this admittedly thin scenario, the film wastes no time in plunging the brother and sister into the world of Pleasantville itself through some sort of cosmic sci-fi occurrence that is never fully explained.

Though this bothered some, really, what does it matter? For this isn't a science-fiction film or an adventure story so much as a fable, an allegory, the kind of which they really don't make much anymore. Needless to say, the two 90's teens don't fit quite in with banal and two-dimensional world of Pleasantville, and its rigid grayscale starts to become a bit...colorized by the freedom and knowledge the kids bring of the world outside of Pleasantville.

I will stop right there, because the joy of the film is watching the events unfold, and how emotional liberation of each character effects each in its own way. Some criticized the film for being overly manipulative and obvious, and

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