Motivators and Mentors Essay

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Motivation, as defined by Princeton University (2010) is, “the psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal; the reason for the action; that which gives purpose and direction to behavior” (para. 1). There are different types of motivation and different people require different methods to desire to act.
Great historical motivators have influenced change, in minds and in hearts. Motivating people to do things that they are unwilling or uninterested in doing is a great challenge. This is what it takes to be a pivotal leader. Great leaders must constantly evolve their strategy in order to motivate different types of individuals for different types of reasons. We will look at a few leaders who are
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Lazarus gives examples of trusting your instincts and letting your relationship with your customers guide some of your

decisions when making your buys at the buying market. If you truly know your customers there is not a report or graph that can guide you better than your gut feeling.
Lazarus’ style of writing guided the reader through his lifetime of experiences. He used headings to keep the reader informed of where the essay was going. Guiding them through his essay and in turn will guide them through their business careers. The reader is enticed to keep reading more and more of Lazarus’ life. The words may not be motivational, but the knowledge gained makes one hungry and eager to take on new challenges within the business world. He ends with the information that if someone can come out of college still eager to learn, and to truly know that there is so much more to learn, there will be big opportunities for them.
Our next assessment is the essay by G.F. Swift “I can raise better men than I can hire.” “Father was a strict disciplinarian. Not always did his disciplinary measure bring about the result he had counted on. But he kept right on working along the same sound lines nevertheless” (as cited in Krass, 1998, p. 367). Swift was a man who was not a very pleasant person. He ran his company on strict discipline and sarcasm. Sarcasm was the tool he used to keep his employees alert and free of mistakes. The essay also spoke of Swift being

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