Essay about Motivational Principles of Coach Reighard

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Living case in Motivation
Describe Coach Reighard’s basic assumptions regarding motivation. That is, what are the underlying principles which guide how Coach Reighard treats his student-athletes and others, designs situations, structures assignments, communicates, etc. which positively motivate them?
Coach Reighard is an intelligent gymnast coach. He worked as a coach in different in teams and proves to be an efficient person that could bring a sense of motivation in his team members. He spent nine years as a coach at a public school. He almost spends most of his time in motivating others. In his presentation he discussed various examples and personal experiences that how does he treat his student athletes and how he deign the
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He assumes that making a friendly relationship with his student athletes and tries to meet them then and know. He usually doesn’t ask them questions only related to the questions but ask them what did they do last night and what are their further plans for tonight.
There is once an unmotivated junior of Coach Reighard who said that he can’t progress because he falls soon as he run. The coach basically motivates him by starting it with a little chat and discusses few things that he need to do. To make him comfortable enough, he talks to him in a friendly way. Later on that unmotivated girl start explaining the things that is bothering her. At last he provides her with suggestion everyday as a result it brings in a sense of motivation in her.
There are freshmen student athletes; the approach he used with them is to no to treat them as freshmen. In fact he makes the meeting every day. As a result the upper class students share their knowledge and idea. Hence this brings the sense of motivation in them.
Some of the student athletes make it for years and doesn’t feel the connection between the coach and with my assistant coach so Coach Reighard finds it difficult to motivate them. But still he invites them to the every morning meetings and makes them apart of the agendas being discussed in the meeting. This would commonly motivate them.
Respect is a big part of motivation. You have to give respect in order earn respect. You as a coach need to respect your

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