Essay on Motivation; Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic

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Have you ever wanted to learn a foreign language or learn to play an instrument? What was your inspiration to accomplish this new task? While we are all inspired to learn different things throughout our lifetime, not all students are driven to learn for the same reason. Over many decades extensive research has been conducted upon the field of educational psychology. Through this research, psychologists have identified two basic classifications of motivation; intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation.
From a young age we as human being are all curious and interested in exploring and learning new things, without the need of incentives provided by external sources to do so. This is the self-motivation force known as intrinsic motivation.
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Thus being said, “for a student to experience intrinsic motivation, their focus of awareness is on their personal interest in the experience of the learning tasks” (Fransson, 1977). Tim understands that there are rewards associated with passing the course in which he has chosen to take, but Tim's interest lies in his love for writing and someday becoming a journalist. Tim's motivation is found within himself, which is the desire to become the best writer that he can be.
As a child or possibly even as a young adult, did your parents ever attempt to bribe you with some type of reward to try to push you to do better in school? Regardless of whether you enjoyed school or not, maybe knowing that your parents would reward you for obtaining better grades motivated you to apply yourself more in the classroom. This form of motivation is known as extrinsic motivation. “Extrinsic motivation occurs when a student is doing the learning task solely because of some other benefit external and separable to the learning task…” (Turner, 2011, pg.3). Unlike intrinsically motivated students, which are motivated to learn by their own inherent interest or enjoyment for a particular subject, an extrinsically motivated student is driven to learn based upon the rewards and benefits in which a specific class may entail. Thus being said, the amount of motivation in which an extrinsically motivated student exhibits to learn is directly impacted by the amount of admiration the

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