Essay on Motivation and Procrastination

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Many individuals often times procrastinate when it comes to different duties. From the time one is born, they learn to either get things done or procrastinate. The decision is up to the individual, and each time it comes to performing a specific duty it is a decision that must be made by the individual. If the individual is motivated to do something, they will perform the duty without procrastinating; however, if they are not motivated, they will tend to procrastinate (Díaz-Morales, Cohen, & Ferrari, 2008). Many theorists have come up with different theories about this phenomenon. Among these are Rousseau, Locke, and Latham.
Regarding the Connections Between Motivation, Personality, and Decision Making Locke and Latham described a goal
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Further, Locke and Latham found that the higher the higher the amount of decision making that went into the situation, the more motivated the individual would become, and the more the individual would be satisfied with doing the task (self-efficiency) (Bandura & Jourden, 1991). If an individual is determined to complete unrealistic goals due to either physical or other means, the individual will become frustrated, and will not complete the goals. An individual in a wheelchair might be determined to run a marathon, decided to put everything into running the marathon, and have the determination to run the marathon; however, they will not be able to run the marathon due to physical means beyond themselves. In the six recommendations, Locke and Latham set out the connection between motivation, personality and decision making. Their first recommendation was to use the existing theory by integrating them and using meta-analysis on them to make them relevant to the existing organization in order to motivate the members and stakeholders of the organization (Locke & Latham, What Should We Do about Motivation Theory? Six Recommendations for the Twenty-First Century, 2004). By applying the old theories and creating the meta-analysis of the theories as applicable to the organization, the organization is able to proceed on without having to

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