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Global warming is one of the most talked about issues within the science community. While, it should also be a serious issue for everyone in the world, it is not. Many people have just shrugged their shoulders and continued their lives not fully understanding what global warming really is, or what it is doing. Our planet is disintegrating more and more each year. Temperatures are rising all over the world; ice that has been there for hundreds of years is starting to melt. The oceans are rising and destroying the once stunning coastal regions. Global warming is a serious issue; without a change in our lifestyles our planet will be destroyed before we know it.
Even though global warming is affecting our way of life, many still do not
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In the past two decades the amount of ice that has melted in the Arctic is astronomical. According to the Christian Science monitor center “temperatures are 25 degrees higher than normal.”(Kister, 2005) The reason for that is because the “ice acts like a mirror to the sun’s energy, reflecting much of it back out into space. As Arctic ice disappears, dark ocean water and land is revealed, which soaks up more sunlight and accelerates warming and melting.” (EIGW, 2010) The multi-year ice that still remains is also declining at an accelerated rate; soon it will be gone too. Climate models predict “the temperature may rise another 18 degrees more this century.”(Kister, 2005) If the temperature continues to rise at this rate, all of the ice in the Arctic will be gone before we know it.
The temperature rise is not only affecting the ice but it is affecting many of the animals that live in the Arctic. The polar bear population in the Arctic is declining; scientists have determined in the next 45 years the population will decrease by 30%. Polar bears are not the only animals in danger of extinction. The rise in temperature is disrupting the lifestyles of many other animals that are native to the Arctic. The fishermen have noticed the salmon are “susceptible to warm-water parasites and have lesions and odd behavior.” (Kister, 2005) Salmon is a main source of food for the local people, but most of the salmon is becoming uneatable. Soon life in the Arctic will be

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