Essay on Morals and Marital Infidelity

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Writers have different motivations on why they decide on what they write about. It must be something that will grab the reader’s attention and make them want to read their works. Often writers include situations that are not considered appropriate for the era when the piece was written. Some subjects are too sexually explicit. In two such short stories, Kate Chopin’s “The Storm” and Anton Chekhov’s “The Lady with the Little Dog,” both writers chose to involve adultery in their stories. Whatever motivation there is to cheat on a spouse, there is not an acceptable reason to do it. This controversial subject was not common and both authors chose to break the rules. Although equally successful in their writings, Chopin’s “The Storm”, …show more content…
As the dark storm approaches, Calixta notices that the weather is getting warmer. “This shows the signs of the oncoming cyclone, but also foreshadows the affair that is to come - dark in its sinister nature, and warm building up to the heat of passion that will arise” (Mohr). Chopin was very successful in tying the emotional and literal meaning of the storm together. Many people argue that “Chopin was condoning extramarital affairs” (Milne 291). Married women in the nineteenth century were expected to be compliant wives, staying at home and obeying their husbands; not a satisfying way of life. “Calixta’s afternoon with Alcee provides an outlet for the underlying dissatisfaction she feels in her marriage” (291). “That Chopin appears to not pass judgment on Calixta and Alcee has been contested among critics, some of whom feel that the encounter between Calixta and Alcee is presented either as a healthy expression of sexuality, or as Calixta’s rebellion against the roles to which married women in the nineteenth century were regulated” (Catherine 299). The affair could have been Calixta’s way of escaping the reality of her everyday life. The affair in this story seemed to benefit not only Calixta and Alcee, but also their respective

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