Essay Moon vs. Earth: Similarities and Differences

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The Earth and Moon are very different for many reasons, but they are also very similar in some ways. Earth is a planet that orbits a star, the sun. The Moon orbits the Earth and is not a planet. Earth is an “alive” and changing planet, while the Moon is a “dead” and still.
Earth and the Moon have very different surfaces. Earth’s surface changes constantly. Movement of crust, erosion by water and wind, and living organisms all contribute to the changes. Plate tectonics cause the crust of Earth to move around and create mountains and volcanoes. The movement of water can cause re-shaping, and so can the wind when it picks up loose material, they both carve into the Earth. Living organisms change the surface a lot. They build, move and
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The moon is much smaller than the Earth. The diameter of Earth is 12,742 km while the Moon’s is only 3,474 km. That is 27% the size of Earth. The surface area for Earth is 510 million square km where the Moon is 37.9 million square km. That is only 7.4% of Earth’s. Earth’s volume is one trillion cubic km. The Moon’s volume is 21.9 billion cubic km. That is only 2% of Earth’s volume. Lastly, Earth’s mass is 5.97 x 1024 kg, while the Moon’s is 7.347 x 1022 kg. That is only 1.2% of Earth’s mass. So, the Moon is significantly smaller than the Earth. It may not look like it from where we stand, but the moon is pretty small.
The Moon and Earth are different in life too. Earth can be habitable to living things, the Moon cannot. The Earth has water, an atmosphere, vegetation, etc., that makes it habitable. There is no oxygen on the moon, which means humans cannot live there without significant changes in lifestyle, we wouldn’t be able to live there without doing something. Without an atmosphere, there can be no vegetation to grow on the Moon. Vegetation is important in life to living organisms. Crops that are necessary for life cannot grow on the Moon. Because the Moon is essentially “dead,” then life on it, would not survive. Water being buried in polar areas also contributes to no life on the Moon.
The last thing that makes the Earth and Moon so different, are their orbits. The Moon’s orbit center is Earth. The largest distance from its orbit center is

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