Essay on Mister Monday and Keys to the Kingdom

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Mister Monday and the keys to the Kingdom

Mister Monday the first book in the series Keys to the Kingdom by Garth Nix, is a story about an asthmatic boy named Arthur Penhaligon, who is forced into an adventure of mystery, turmoil, and understanding. This all begins on a Monday, his first day at a new school. This is the day Arthur is visited by a strange man who goes by the name Mister Monday, and is handed a key that resembles the minute hand to an old fashioned clock and a strange book leaving him with the knowledge that he is supposed to die that day. When something happens between Monday and his butler Sneezer, Monday grabs Sneezer and they disappear leaving Arthur to think it was a hallucination from the asthma attack. Only to
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As the Fifth Part of the Will implies, the other parts may be unbalanced without his moderating influence.
• Part One – The Frog : Fortitude
• Part Two – The Bear : Prudence
• Part Three – The Carp : Faith
• Part Four – The Snake : Justice
• Part Five - The Beast (Bat/Dragon or Wyvern): Temperance and Moderation
• Part Six – The Raven : Charity
• Part Seven - Unknown - Hope

Arthur's name implies reference to archetypes: Arthur Penhaligon might be a play on Arthur Pendragon, who is otherwise known as King Arthur. The "Return of the Pendragon", a supposedly prophesized idea wherein King Arthur would return from the land of the dead and bring a golden age to the Earth, may be implied here, Lord Arthur of the House who represents the Pendragon, in which role he restores balance to the House and thence to the Universe. Witch would hint at the same concepts he uses for his other books There are many other references to certain characters and events in the book (but that will be to long) that are out of religious symbolism and It is both an entertaining and thought provoking novel witch touches on many morals and issues in the experience faced by the main characters in the book. Garth Nix has also written other series of novels all with same concepts like the Seven Towers
Arthur Penhaligon is not supposed to be a hero. In fact he is just a normal, modern boy just wanting to fit into a new school who is supposed to die an early age at the result of an

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