Mississippi Burning Essay

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I know I have seen this movie before, but can’t recall the reaction I had at the time. However im glad I took the time to see it again. This time I see things from a larger perspective than what the face value is. Knowing that the Government didn’t take a more aggressive posture from early on is mind boggling. A series of emotions go through my mind as I see it all unfold. This movie, Mississippi Burning can be labeled as a true eye opening experience of what unfolded during this era. I realize the director may have adjusted in some areas to capture and maintain the interest of the viewers. However it capitalizes on the issues America were faced with during these times. This is a movie that will be seen time and time again should one …show more content…
However things got out of hand due to a hot head and the ultimate price was paid for these three. Ultimately a very clear statement was made as the locals attempted to hide the unfortunate out come of this encounter. Making it clear that if anyone else should come they too may not return home alive.

The FBI entered the picture with a seasoned officer whose views where less than caring. This gradually changed as he used his veteran experience to gather information that leads to more unanswered questions. He was motivated and enhanced by a younger but well developed FBI agent who was determined to uncover every piece of this puzzle. Yet not well schooled on how to go about this situation. The two of them ultimately made the perfect team to accomplish their task. Mr. Ward who was the Agent In charge was is in his late twenty's, most likely chosen to head up the operation for his strict allegiance to the SOP. Also for his age, that put him into a new generation of less-then discriminatory nature. Mr. Anderson is in his early 50's and came from the south. This gave a unique balance to the team, but you can tell that if it wasn’t for his job, he would have no problem looking the other way. During the initial meeting with the Sheriff and his deputies, the FBI is greeted with hostility and sarcasm. This aggravated the locals as a threaten force that is here

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