Mississippi Burning Essay

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Mississippi Burning

Mississippi is one of the United States of America. Situated in Southern America, across the river from Alabama, this state was the setting for one of the biggest civil rights cases in American history, and hence was also the setting for the 1988 film "Mississippi Burning," based roughly on a true story in 1964, "When America was at war with itself." Alan Parker, the director of this film, uses artistic medium to portray many concerns, including racism, courage, and justice. This essay will discuss racism while looking at the artistic medium used to help emphasize this prominent concern.

"Mississippi Burning," was primarily about racism, and consequently was the greatest
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Playing black gospel music in the background Parker displayed an intense sense of contrast as the camera panned through the intensely burning debris of a black church. This is very symbolic because black churches were the head of many black civil rights movements, and especially used by Martin Luther King. The burning may also represent people's emotions in the film, symbolising the burning of idealism, hope, bigotry, depression or even hate. It could even be a representation of the intense characters displayed in the film.

As before mentioned the film was for the most part about racism, and they were able to make this story as believable as possible by making it a fictionalisation of a true story. The director structured it like a mystery thriller to make it more entertaining for the view, but basing it on a true story gave the film some substance and background which the viewer was able to relate to. Most people who view the film were probably aware of the racist background the Americans had and were able to relate parts of the movie to their own knowledge and experiences. As well as for being for viewer entertainment the mystery thriller format was able to create relationships between the characters, for example F.B.I. agents Ward and Anderson. Many original thrillers established the

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