Miss Stroop's Travels: Blogging as an Educational Activity Essay

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Where is Miss Stroop going? This is sort of a spin off from NBC’s Today show segment, Where in the World is Matt Lauer. Before travelling, I will ignite excitement and curiosity about my secret travel plans by using our school’s televised morning announcements. A week before summer vacation, I will give one clue per day to intrigue students and to keep them guessing. Middle school kids love a good guessing game! For example, on Monday: The current president of this country received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1987 for his work to help stop civil wars in several Central American countries. Tuesday: The place in North America with the closest similarity to the plants of this country is South Florida. Wednesday: This country is home to …show more content…
On the last day of school, I will encourage students to be my “blog buddies” so they can read the latest about my travel adventures. Everyone will even read about my preparations before I take off. (Especially the difficulty and stress of packing a suitcase because of all the airline security requirements!) In addition to students, I will encourage parents, colleagues, School Board Members to stay in touch and blog as well. When blogging, I will use this as a teaching opportunity. I will post critical thinking questions about the day’s events and leave clues to peak curiosity so students will “tune in tomorrow”. Since photography is a hobby of mine, of course I will photo and video document the entire trip so I will have numerous images to share when I am back in the classroom too.
Back home, I know I will be bursting with energy and fresh ideas to share with everyone. Of course I will design lesson units for academic and exploratory teachers as well as art lessons. I will create a photo filled web page for our school’s website with interesting excerpts from my blog and information about the country that I had the privilege to explore. I will share my experience and novel lesson ideas at our 2010 Virginia Art Educators Association conference in November. Also, I will sponsor an informative art activity table about

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