Methods Used to Test and Select the Best Applicants Essay

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In the chapter review, I learned that employment tests must be valid and fair to pass legal scrutiny. The reading provided information about methods used to test and select the best applicants such as: (1) minimum test score of an applicant to be considered for hire (passing scores); (2) another variation would provide the names of top three to five applicants to hiring authority, who can select from that group (rule of three – top-down); and (3) a statistical technique based on standard error of measurement that allows similar test scores to be grouped (banding). Furthermore, they can provide flexibility in who is hired and flexibility that is often used to reduce adverse impact when necessary. To begin with, most of the topics in …show more content…
Third, to increase diversity, it is often legal to consider race or gender as a factor in selecting employees. Although legal, I think it is unethical that race or gender be the only factor unless the position required it. Otherwise, it should not be mandatory or a high priority factor that takes preference over more skilled and qualified candidates. The 1991 Civil Rights Act prohibits score adjustments based on race or gender. (Aamodt, 2013, p. 224). Logically, it should encompass personality, abilities, and skills that best match the position, mission, and values of the company. Society today is becoming so diversified that ethnic background will no longer be a prominent society feature and will become a new version in the future where diversity is all that people will eventually know. It is when this change occurs that best employee selection methods will focus more on best skills, education, future performance ability, and adaptability no matter what an applicant’s ethnic background or gender might be. If you can perform the duties of the job and do them well then that is what corporations and companies could focus on to provide greater success of selecting best applicants. Fourth, the degree to which diversity should play a role in a business or organization would be to pilot or implement the method and experience the difference of taking the guesswork out of selecting highly qualified candidates and

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