Message of Hope in East of Eden, Cannery Row, and The Grapes of Wrath

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Message of Hope in East of Eden, Cannery Row, and The Grapes of Wrath

When I look at Caleb Trask, I see a man from the book East of Eden to admire. Although he was a man with many faults and shortcomings, and a man with an unnatural sense of cruelty, he was also a man who had a deep longing to be perfect and pleasing to his family, a man who craved his father's attention, and a man with a better heart than any other character in the book. When I look at Mack I see a man with more soul and more kindness than any other person on Cannery Row. He isn't ashamed of his poverty or life as a bum, and he embraces who he is, for all of the good and bad. He goes to exhaustive lengths to give his friend, Doc, a party. He is compelled
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Aron was a natural spot of sunshine, illuminating his surroundings wherever he went. He was a curly topped child who was adamantly attached to his rabbits. Cal was the opposite of his brother, quiet and serious; he was looking forward to farming a small patch of land that his father was going to give him. Yet there existed an even greater difference between Cal and his angelic brother. Cal had a foreboding sense of anger and evil about him that was completely foreign to Aron. Cal takes pleasure in making his brother cry, and in causing a little girl to urinate in her pants by frightening her so.

It becomes apparent, though, that Cal struggles with his darkness and wishes passionately to be rid of his meanness. He doesn't like the way he is, but at the same time he can't change himself, either. From my first introduction of the two brothers, I was taken with Cal. He was the underdog, the less privileged castaway that his father wasn't concerned with. Aron wasn't human. He was too perfect. I was drawn to Cal because of the similarities that we share; he had struggles, issues that he couldn't explain to anyone else. Every one is able to identify with Cal because we have all felt like we were the less loved or not as good as someone else.

While being engrossed in the Salines Valley and all of its beauty, the reader will come to root for

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