Essay Mercy Killing

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Mercy Killing
There is an immense debate about whether terminally ill people should be able to control their own death. Most people probably wish for an eternal painless life unfortunately that is not the case. Lives seem to end just about every day around the world. Some are accidents, some are suicides, and others are murders. In just about all states in the United States of America, euthanasia is illegal, and it is considered a criminal act. Many believe that because patients are suffering too much as it is with their illness that they should be able to control their life. One of the major supporters of euthanasia is Dr. Jack Kevorkian who eventually went to jail for assisting his “clients” into committing suicide. Legalizing
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Many patients with terminally illness know that they only have a couple of years or sometimes few months to live. Some would rather seek an assistant suicide rather than live a painful life. Euthanasia is a Greek word meaning good death; this has come to indicate “…the act or practice of taking the life of a person who is hopelessly ill and doing so for reasons of mercy” (Wennberg 3). There are different kinds of euthanasia; it can either be “…passive (letting die) or active (mercy killing)” (Wennberg 9). It can be voluntary where a patient gives their consent and are aware of the outcome. It can also be involuntary where it is against the will of the patient. Euthanasia can also be a non-voluntary; in this situation patients are incapable of giving or withholding consent. One of the biggest supporters of euthanasia is Dr. Jack Kevorkian who “… made physician-assisted suicide impossible to ignore” (Yount 25). He had helped many ill patients commit suicide. In 1989, he publicly described a machine that he had just built, that “…would allow terminally or incurably ill people to inject a sequence of sedatives and lethal drugs into themselves under the supervision of a physician like himself” (Yount 25). A female of 54, who had just found out that she was in an early stage of Alzheimer disease, was the first person who tested his machine in 1990. In 1991, the state of Michigan suspended his medical license, and he was

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