Mercy Killing - Of Mice And Me Essay

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Mercy Killing

     In the book Of Mice and Men written by John Steinbeck, two men travel together to escape their pasts. They arrive at a ranch in the Salinas Valley with hopes to achieve their ultimate dream; to buy a place to call their own. Lennie, who is a simple-minded man, and George, who is just a typical guy are brought together and make a lasting friendship out of the loneliness of each man. While spending time on the farm George and Lennie meet some friendly characters, but because of some accidental deaths their dreams drift away. Foreshadowing may create a literary theme.

     Lennie is a massive and powerful man, but is dull-witted, George on the other hand is scrawnier and
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This is the first mercy killing in the story and foreshadows a bigger event later on.
     George and Lennie soon become friendly with the farm hands. One of the farm hands even gives Lennie a puppy for him to look after. Lennie falls in love with the puppy and says he will not let anything ever happen to it. Lennie once again not knowing his own strength breaks his puppy’s neck, “God damn you.'; He cried. “Why do you got to get killed? you ain’t so little as mice.'; (Steinbeck:85) Lennie, scared of getting in trouble from George tries to hide the pup under some hay and thinks of what to tell George, “I’ll tell George I found it dead.'; (Steinbeck:85) Before Lennie has a chance to hide the pup Curley’s wife comes walking into the stall and starts talking with him.

     George told Lennie not to talk to Curley’s wife because of the trouble she could cause for them both. She was the wife of the Boss’s son and could have Lennie and George fired at any moment, but Lennie disobeyed George and trouble started brewing. She came into the barn when Lennie had killed his pup

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