Essay Mental Models and Mindsets

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Mental Process Paper
Mental models are the ways individuals process the information in one’s mind. According to Mental Models and Reasoning (n.d.), Charles Sanders Pierce in 1896, stated, “Reasoning is a process in which humans examine the state of things asserted in the premises. Forms a diagram of the state of things, perceives in the parts of the diagram relations not explicitly mentioned in the premises, satisfies itself by mental experiments upon the diagram that these relations would always subsist, or at least would do so in a certain proportion of cases, and concludes their necessary, or probable truth.” In 1943, Kenneth Craik, a psychologist, suggested that individuals “built small- scale models” predicting events
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Keeping mental models/mindsets pertinent gives an individual the ability to recognize when to make the change, and allows us to perceive the market place or product in another way, and simplifying what is complex. Overcoming the inhibitors to change will make us have a new order and transform the world we see, developing new intuitions, and changing our actions (“Mental Models and Reasoning,”(n.d.). Identify the four forces that influence the mental models/mind sets in your work and discuss how those forces might affect coworkers’ mindsets
• Environmental
Working for a new organization it has been hard to adapt and get things done in the new surroundings. At the previous organization, I had a private office and now I find myself in a cubicle having to discuss human resource information in an open area. Although the office will be moving to a new location sometime in the near future; however, the situation has influenced me to adapt my mindset. My co-workers are having some of the same issues, as the majority of the personnel are new to this organization, and only a few that were with the company under the old owners. We all must remember that the environment can easily affect our mindset.

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