Medieval England Essay

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Medieval England

In Medieval England life wasn’t exactly what you would call easy, people got it hard especially the non-wealthy. The wealthy had it easier than the poor because they never had to do work, they had slaves to do all their work for them. Because the poorer people had to do work, it made them more exposed to all the diseases which is why so many of them died.

The People of Medieval England lived in houses which had no ventilation and straw roofs. They were extremely un-hygienic also, they didn’t wash things properly which made all their cooking utensils and bowls etc dirty that made them sick because they were eating out of dirty things. Their houses had no windows or doors there
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The poor never ate properly because they would spend half there time cooking for the rich people and wouldn’t have enough money nor time to cook for themselves which meant they don’t get the right amount of vitamins so they would get very sick and most likely die.

There hygiene was also very disgraceful, that is yet another reason why they died so often, because they didn’t keep themselves clean and dirty things like fleas and lice would be attracted to them, and they could be carrying diseases and pass them on to them. They hardly ever had baths of washed their clothes and when they did they’d bathe in dirty water and wash their clothes in dirty water so there wasn’t much point anyway because they’d just be getting back into the same dirty clothes. They never cleaned inside their houses so it was always dirty, and insects and things were crawling around everywhere, and if they ever did get diseases they would most likely die because there is nothing to treat the diseases.

Farmwork in Medieval England went from dawn to dark every single day, except Sunday, Sunday was their only rest day. There other main rest days were various feasts days and holidays other than that it was all work. There was a bit of an advantage

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