Medical Technology Essay

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What is medical technology? Medical technology is procedures, equipment, and processes by which medical care is delivered. It is also any scientific discovery that finds its application in delivering health care. As technology advances the ability of providers to diagnose, treat and prevent health problems also increase, as stated by the Congressional Budget Office “the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) defines technological advances broadly to include any changes in clinical practice that enhance the ability of providers to diagnose, treat, or prevent health problems.” (CBO). The use of medical technology has an important role in the health care system and how the FDA plays a role in it, these issues will be discussed later. Medical …show more content…
How does the FDA play a role in technology? The role of FDA is “Protecting the public health by assuring that… biological products and medical devices intended for human use are safe and effective” (FDA). The FDA also Controls access by deciding which drugs need prescriptions and which ones can be obtained over the counter. The FDA approves medical devices through three classes. Class one requires general controls regarding misbranding (fraudulent claims). Class two checks that devices are subject to certain performance standards and class three checks to premarket approval regarding safety and effectiveness. In order for medical technology to be safe it goes through FDA, and FDA help us prevent and harmful cause that the new technology might cause. How is medical technology assessed? Assessment are done to make sure “framework for the development of national essential health technology programmes that will have a positive impact on the burden of disease and ensure effective use of resources” (WHO). There are three types of assessments; objectives of assessment, common measures of appropriateness and benefits of technology assessment. Objective of assessments determines whether the use of new technology is possible, and whether its practical application is possible. It also sees if the new technology will be appropriate for wide spread use for everyone based on safety, efficacy, and cost effectiveness. The next assessment is the common measures of

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