Media’s Negative Effects on America’s Youth Essay

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As we travel further into the age of technological advancement, media is being easily accessed by people of all ages. Whether it’s checking your Facebook, reading the newspaper, or just watching ads on TV, media is surrounding you a majority of the time. While media connects millions of people around the world in a positive way, there is a dangerous dark side to media that has become an increasing problem in our country. In the United States today, children are being abused on social media websites and getting access to websites that parents wouldn’t approve of. Other kids may be talking to someone who is their “friend,” but the person can actually be some sort of a predator. That said, this is an increasing problem in this country today, …show more content…
While mass media can have its advantages, such as providing news, entertainment and current politics to the public, its disadvantages are more prominent. As informing as the news can be, there is often a slight bias depending on the news station. They may be too far off to one side of a controversial topic and that gives viewers a somewhat mixed view of the topic. Magazines can also have the potential to cause significant damage. One of the more heated discussions about this is how photoshopped models cause a number of issues with girls worrying about their body image. This is an issue with photos found online too. Problems such as eating disorders, depression, and suicide have increased in recent years and studies show that the use of these models is a major reason why (Mokeyane). The most common health issues that are faced with use of electronic media include depression, lack of self esteem, obesity, and lack of focus.
The average American views between one and two thousand advertisements everyday. Now take that one thousand ads and think over the term of a year; that’s 365,000 ads every single year. Both the number of ads and how they pertain to the viewer are two things that persuade individuals to buy products, join certain clubs or groups, or to obtain certain skills or habits. Television is one of the most influential forms of media. This fact is especially true when considering the

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