Media’s Influence on JonBenet Ramsey’s Murder Essay

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Sue Grafton once stated: “Except for cases that clearly involve a homicidal maniac, the police like to believe murders are committed by those we know and love, and most of the time they're right.” This is clearly the thought the Boulder Colorado police conceived in the case of little beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey. As many have observed from the onslaught of media coverage, the day after Christmas 1996, six year old Jon Benet Ramsey was found buried under a white blanket, bound, beaten, and strangled to death in the wine cellar of their Boulder home. With such a strikingly rare and glamorous story of a six year old beauty queen dead, who was a part of a “perfect American upper-middle class family”, combined with a lack of a lead and ever …show more content…
It did not take long for the news of the tragedy to spread throughout the small town. Local news channels and newspapers quickly took advantage of one of the biggest cases of the century, selling millions of copies of tabloids and cashing in on the many more millions of profit. They inadvertently helped nationalize and over sexualize the six-year old beauty queen, expanding viewer’s negative interpretations of JonBenet’s parents, John and Patricia Ramsey. Was the media solely to blame for this horrible realization of child sexualization? Many say the fault lies with her parents for allowing her to dress like a women and trot down a stage that was an attraction to pedophiles. News broadcasting stations reinforced the reputation of John and Patricia Ramsey by showing her pageant videos repeatedly. This did not help the rapidly growing suspicions of their involvement in their daughter’s death. Although John and Patsy Ramsey ultimately hold sole responsibility for their daughter’s fast up bringing, the media attributed to reinforcing these views on the public. Fox, Van Sickle, and Steigler note that the media “primes and frames” its viewers and readers, resulting in adopted views, opinions, and attitudes on a particular subject (9-10). This is more or less the product of the media’s involvement in JonBenet’s case. They not only cluttered the minds of the people buying into their press but also the minds of the officials in the case, which is

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