Media Coverage of Climate Change Essay

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The mass media plays an enormous role in influencing the public. In the age of globalization many technologies like Internet, television, newspapers, magazines, radio and so on, make news available and accessible for everyone around the world. The media can easily get any information out there to the public regarding any subject such as political views, health issues, entertainment, education, human tragedies…and those information do have an impact on our everyday life decisions, opinions and raise our awareness on a subject. The media is most of the time the only way people can get information on subject that they cannot fully understand such as science. Because “science is an encoded form of knowledge that requires translation in order …show more content…
A survey by the National Science Foundation in United States made in 2004 has shown that 53% of the public get their information on science by the means of television, followed by newspaper, which is 29% (National Science Foundation 2004). In a documentary called “Heat” released in 2008, Martin Smith decided to investigate on the U.S government response to the climate change issue and what exactly is being done to reduce the production of carbon dioxide (CO2). Since the industrial revolution, the burning of fossil fuel has increased a lot during the 1950’s and scientists started to wonder about the consequences of these actions on the climate. The mass media started the coverage of the climate change due to human actions around the mid 1950’s. In 1958, a popular TV program called “The Bell Telephone Science” aired an episode called “The Unchained Goddess” in which Dr. Frank Baxter talked about the rising of production resulting to the rising of CO2, the affect on our atmosphere and how the global warming would severely change our environment. Few articles were appearing in different newspaper such as The New York Times or the Saturday Evening Post. But at the time people did not pay much attention and the warning of the scientists went unheard. By the 1990’s, people were consuming even more and pollution kept increasing.
Climate policy began to take place only during the 1980’s trough activities of the International Council of Scientific

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