Essay about Media and Modern Society

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The children of modern society differ on polar opposite scales as compared to children of previous generations. Anything that does not have an on and off switch is considered old fashioned and obsolete. Our society has trained children to surround themselves with electronic devices such as cellphones, MP3 players, gaming consoles and most importantly, television. Television plays a significant role in everyday life since it is more widely available than it was a couple of decades ago. The media is easily accessible through the television, allowing for positive and negative influences to take place. The main problems that parents of today's children face are that the children are becoming less childlike with video games and television …show more content…
In adults' minds, the concept of childhood play plays a core element in the definition of what it means to be a child. (Winn, “End of Play” 77). As a result of children being involved in the adult world through excessive exposure to the media and a more advanced preparatory schooling system, traditional forms of play do not appear to be providing children with the consistent levels of entertainment and stimulation as they used to. (Winn, “End of Play” 82). A reasonable solution to this issue suggested in Marjorie Hogan's article, “Parents Should Monitor Their Children's Media Habits”, is for modern-day parents to encourage imaginative play through limiting the time their children are allowed to spend watching television and playing video games. (Hogan, par. 19). This is key in playing the part of kindling expressive and resourceful recreative time simply because the third party influence is removed and leaves the child to come up with his or her own form of entertainment without having it merely handed to them, as T.V. and video games do not require much thought to tinker with. As stated in Liz Szabo's article “Report: Kids' health is in danger from heavy media exposure”, it is recommended that media devices such as a television set, a computer and assorted video game consoles should not be allowed in a child's bedroom. (Szabo, par. 13). Having said

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