Essay on Measure for Measure by William Shakespeare

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Measure for Measure by William Shakespeare

The opening scenes of the play are called the EXPOSITION, where the dramatist introduces the most significant characters and themes, so that they can be developed and set up the plot. Describe the means by which Shakespeare had done this in the first act, and judge how successful (or not) he has been.

The opening scenes of "Measure for Measure", introduce the most significant characters in the play and also tend to establish the relationships between each of them. The plot and the key themes are introduced giving the reader an idea of what is going to unfold in the following acts.

Shakespeare has used the opening scene of the play to introduce
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This is self-evident as in other of Shakespeare's' plays of the same theme, "The Merchant of Venice" being one. The name Angelo is ironic in itself, the name is a play on the word "Angel" which will show to be a contrast to the behaviour of Angelo in the later scenes of the play.

The Duke is very eager to make a swift departure, My first impression here was that the Duke is needed elsewhere, but then I thought that the he maybe wanting to set Angelo up, to see how he may abuse the power and authority he has over all in Vienna. The Duke leaves Angelo with words of advice telling him to "Do what you think is correct:"

"With any scruple; your scope as mine own

So to enforce or qualify the laws

As to your soul seems good"

Duke Vincento Act I Sc I

During the Dukes two large speeches in the first scene and in those by Escalus and Angelo, there are frequent references to Justice, Power and also to Mercy, these are all very important themes in the play, all of which begin to unfold in the following acts. Shakespeare has introduced these

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