Essay on Mean Mother with a Hurt Daughter

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Some mothers cannot be all that you want her to be, but she is a mother. Being the only daughter with four brothers of the family with a mean mother was a tough life. Teenage life was the hardest tough love having to hear her criticism tone of voice and what she has to say next from her cup full of emotions. She would not give any female support on problems when support was needed. Sometimes it is rare to see her happy, but mainly she gives out her stress, anxiety, and anger like whose fault would that be if it was not hers. Most of the back talking is not a way to solve an argument, not with her, but she will not give up. Living with the madness helps to become a strong person if believing is all that can be wished for. Experiencing as a …show more content…
She does not give a clue that it is the second or third warning when she wants to yell it out like how she wants, but she just expresses it however she feels like and that is a part of being upset. Mother loved to express how she feels, but who likes it if she is mad too often? She cannot hold in her pain if it hurts so much and sometimes letting it out can help relax her mind. Mother goes overboard with her angers and sometimes no one cannot take it if they are trying to put in time to be nice to have a conversation without her getting too upset. Some conversations will get her to talk her opinion, but most of the time she cannot talk without expressing a little too much anger on what she feels on it. According to Streep, “Growing up, I thought I was alone- the only girl born on the planet whose mother didn’t love her” (Streep 4). Feeling unloved had detached the relationship and became an enemy in the same household. Showing emotions in front of her has made her feel strong and it encourages her to continue hurting with verbal abuse. When arguments begins she showed cruel and mean as her emotions extend upward, so ignoring the unsolved problem with no solution can stop her from going overboard with anger and she refused to be called wrong. Who likes to be wrong? She did not like to be proven wrong and would not calm down unless given up that she was right. Although, she does not want anyone telling her that she is wrong and doing

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