Mathematics in Neuropsychology Essay examples

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“Neuropsychology is a specialty that applies the principles of assessment and intervention based upon the scientific study of human behavior as it relates to normal and abnormal functioning of the central nervous system.” (The American Psychological Association) In more basic terms, the field of neuropsychology relies heavily on the study of the central nervous system combined with the study of the behavior of an individual. A type of psychology career, it involves using computational methods and mathematics, “particularly statistics, as a professional tool to quantify and analyze their scientific findings.” Neuropsychologists also work towards diagnosing any potential mental impairments and administer certain tests that could explain …show more content…
When necessary and elaborate evaluation is done, they record statistical data that aid in further treatment of patients that may have suffered concussions or are merely victims of neuropsychological problems.
Gathering brain imaging data in a laboratory, say, from functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) that may in turn help in understanding the areas of the brain. Because technology has become quite advanced today, computers and other high tech equipment have also enabled neuropsychologists with a simpler way of record-keeping, compared to the considerably large amounts of data dealt with in earlier times. Obtaining this type of numerical information is indeed high on the usefulness scale, for it serves as a great guidance to future investigations. It certainly assists in determining, for example, what type of person (by race, occupation, personality type, etc.) is more likely to undergo any sort of neurological disease or issue. Mathematics has been known to have three aspects: foundational skills, mathematical skills, and knowledge. Neuropsychologists also are expected to examine and test people or children who have math disabilities, something also known as dyscalculia, which means “inability to calculate.” They must have studied how this condition may have been inherited by

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