Essay about Materials Make Better Lives

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Materials are used to manufacture useful objects. History proves that the material is the basis and the pilot of social progress and is a milestone in human progress. In the ancient time, the using of different materials determined the development of civilization, such as the Stone Age and the Bronze Age. In modern society, the development of iron and steel materials played the decisive role during the Industrial Revolution period. The development of semiconductor materials brought humanity into the Digital Age. Nowadays, people put materials, information, and energy as the three pillars of modern civilization. People pay more attentions on the study of material science and engineering because it can affect humans’ daily lives a lot. This …show more content…
Certain properties of microfluidic technologies, such as rapid sample processing and the precise control of fluids in an assay, have made them attractive candidates to replace traditional experimental approaches. Here we analyze the progress made by lab-on-a-chip microtechnologies in recent years, and discuss the clinical and research areas in which they have made the greatest impact. We also suggest directions that biologists, engineers and clinicians can take to help this technology live up to its potential” (Sackmann, Fulton, & Beebe, 2014, p. 181). These kind of chips use the special ductility and elasticity bio-medical material, such as silicon and polymers, to simulate the human cell wall that the inside environment of the chips are similar with the environment of human cells.
Therefore, researchers can get more accurate drug test reports about new drugs, and then the rate of drug development will be accelerated. In addition, the research mentions that they welcome some other technical personnel to join their research and development. It shows a characteristic of materials science and engineering that people need to be able to focus on studying and developing something. Also, people, who like to contribute to human progress, Materials science and engineering will be very suitable for these

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