Mass Media Influence Essay

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I believe in what Albert Einstein concerned, “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” Modern technology is used in everywhere, and every day we are influenced by it. We conveniently use computers or smart phones to find out information that we want to know. However, it does not give us only information that we need, but it also gives us lots of subconscious influences by using the mass media. For instance, when I open up a web site, I can easily find commercial advertisements on the side of the web pages or in the middle of the articles. Technology is no longer the tools for our convenient only, but also it becomes a resource of mass media.
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For these reasons, I realize the power of the mass media. It is powerful enough to influence personalities and identities of teenagers, adults, and audiences.
First, adolescence is an important stage where teenagers create their personalities and values to prepare themselves as adults. Because of the fact the environment influence heavily on the adolescence, there should be someone who can protect them from improper environments. This is where the agent of socialization kicks in. Parents, social class, and neighborhood influence adolescence to shape their self-concept, belief, and behavior. For these reasons, adults get the obligation to choose and give proper mass media to teenagers. However, improper mass media today are within easy access to everyone, so it can be interruption for teenagers as they go through developing process of socialization. For example, if mentally immature teenage boy watches violent movies and the violence main character appeared to be a “cool” guy, he can take it as violence makes him look “cool”. Then, he is in high risk of performing violent behaviors. Escobar and Anderson depict, “despite many reports that exposure to violent media is a causal risk factor, the U.S. public remains largely unaware of these risks, and youth exposure to violent media remains extremely high.” In addition, smoking or using drugs in mass media also able to influence teenagers, for they will learn those harmful ideas as “cool”.

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