Mary Kay Ash: One of the Great Leaders of the Twentieth Century

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From humble beginnings, Mary Kay Ash used her past experiences and a ‘You can do it” attitude to achieve great success in a world dominated by men. She was a driving force in a world that passed her over in favor of men she had trained. She retired from that world to write a book about how she would run a business; instead of writing that book she used her research, notes, and the book draft as a business model to start one of the most successful cosmetic companies of the twentieth century. Her great leadership’s skills and mentoring abilities allowed her company to excel and created a place in the business world for women as equals to men.
Mary Kathlyn Wagner was born in Hot Wells, Texas, the daughter of Edward and Lula Wagner. The
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Mary Kay needed to support her family so she took a job in door to door sales. She worked hard and learned a great deal. One fact she gleamed was that she would not be promoted at Stanley Home Products. She left that company, moved to Dallas and started work at World Gift where her sales the first year were equal to that of the company’s entire sales team. She was a dynamic force, unstoppable, or so it seemed. She realized she had reached her limit when they passed her over for promotion in favor of a man she trained. History repeating itself was not for her, she decided to retire and write a book on the business of sales. Being the great leader she is, she realized she had created a business model she could start herself, a place where women would not be passed over but celebrated for their success.
A fresh start had begun; she married George Hallenbeck, a man with a background in sales also. Mary Kay, George, and her life savings, about 5,000 dollars were going to go into business. Mary Kay had purchased the rights to a formula for a skin care cream; they used that formula to create five skin care products. George was going to handle the finances. They were almost there, in just a month they would be open for business but George died from a heart attack. Mary Kay, undaunted carried on with Richard Rogers her youngest son taking the place of George as finance manager. Mary Kay used the golden rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” as a founding

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