Martin Luther Essay

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People are human not robots. We have the ability to think and make our own decisions. We own our own destiny and we can choose what to do wit. But what if the ability to make decisions on our own became corrupt? What would society become? In the present-day and in the society we live in, we have the given right to pursue anything we want and desire. These rights, throughout the Middle Ages, were unavailable for the common man. The Church told you what to think and what to believe in. However, there was hope because Martin Luther was determined to change this. He was a man who noticed many flaws in the papacy and desired to change them. Martin Luther changed society immensely and to the point where a religion was based upon his …show more content…
The Church was originally set up this way, but things would slowly begin to change. The bottom of the bark resembles the Church’s beginnings on the rise to become the omnipotent power. The Church during its beginning stages was simply based on merit and the most qualified people would rule. The clergy was well educated and these positions in the Church were highly regarded. (Gerrish 56-66) Well, over time, the merit of the Church began to decline; the positions of officials were no longer highly regarded and the Church favored the rich greatly. Pope Leo X was truly the one to blame for this. His main concern was making sure the papacy continued to stay strong and prosperous.(Lord 13)
¬One practice of the Church was selling indulgences. Selling indulgences was the practice of wealthy nobles paying the Church for salvation and a short term in purgatory. This symbolizes the corruption because the rich were able to buy their way in the Church while the poor could not. The Church was supposed to be based on merit and equality not based on wealth.
Another practice of the Church during the Middle Ages, was the practice of simony. The practice of simony was when Church officials would sell positions in the clergy for profit. This practice weakened the Church because unqualified people were taking positions that they were unable to control. But the Church was like a moneymaking business and you have to do what whatever you can to make

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