Marketing Tips for Farmers Essay

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With a proliferation of farmers’ markets around the country, farmers, particularly those with a relatively low volume of goods for sale, may have a viable marketing option almost on the doorstep. Selling directly to the public can only become a successful component of a business venture if approached in an efficient and professional manner however, and it’s not simply a matter of rolling up on the day and expecting customers to flock to your stall.
The first decision you’ll need to make is which markets to attend. The cost of travelling must, of course, be taken into consideration, and with the hours spent on the road and at the market meaning you’ll have less time to work on the farm, venues that are closest to your property should be
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Products that are displayed in a neat and possibly artistic way will catch the eyes of shoppers, and it’s imperative that whatever you’re offering for sale is of superior quality and better presented than the products of any competitors. Clean and unblemished fruit, leafy vegetables with any yellow or damaged leaves removed, fruit rubbed with a soft cloth to produce a healthy shine, and containers of value added products with attractive labels will all create, for consumers, a positive opinion of what’s on offer.
Freshness, flavour, and appearance are of prime importance to discerning shoppers. By selling your farm produce direct to consumers, you’ll be able to offer food that is as fresh as possible, and if you establish a reputation for quality products, satisfied customers will come back for more. The relaxed atmosphere of community and farmers’ markets encourages people to dawdle among the varied stalls and to stop and chat to friends, and if the conversation turns to items purchased on the day, your products, if they have been well received, will be promoted by that most inexpensive form of advertising - word of mouth. It’s a reward that’s earned each time you provide your customers with outstanding service and quality products.
For many consumers, price is the primary factor in their purchasing decision, but a growing percentage see quality food that has been produced in an environmentally

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