Marketing Plan for Bio-Mag Bracelets Essays

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Marketing Plan for Bio-Mag Bracelets


The purpose of this analytical report is to provide a marketing plan for Bio-Life Ltd new product, Bio-Mag Bracelet on its magnetic therapy purposes. As health issues are popular concerns of people in Australia and overseas market, it is necessary for Bio-Life Ltd to get into this market as soon as possible. This marketing plan is to review the company’s marketing arrangement for the new product but to also recommend strategic responses to assist Bio-Life Ltd in developing a sustainable operating system.

In the following sections, product, Bio-Mag Bracelet will be analysed in depth in the order of firstly, background; secondly, marketing strategies; thirdly, marketing
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Generally, any forms (physical, mental or emotional) of health problems can arise out of stress. Symptoms such as fatigue, depression, flu, migraine are just some of the more commonly found ones, with fatigue being the mildest and most common of them all.
Fatigue is the first experience of stress before any other major health problems emerges. The physical symptoms of fatigue are mainly pain. As such, consumers are realising that alternative medicine therapies can assist in the prevention of much stress related ailments that are engulfing our civilization. For those people who are concerned with the well being of their health as well as those who are searching to achieve wholeness, our company named Bio-Life Ltd actually helps provide those in need a highly effective opportunity to buy the highest quality alternative health products right here in our store. Based on the high demand for good health products which provides solutions to stress related problems such as any bodily pain, our company has developed a kind of product to resolve such problem.
The introduction of the newly launched magnetic therapy bracelet is what our company is after. We named the magnetic therapy bracelet our company sell “Bio-Mag”. This is advance technological product, which uses the theory of magnetic therapy to relieve any pain experience on one’s wrist.

Magnetic therapy is known throughout history (thousands of years) for its ability to relieve pain, restore

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