Essay on Marcus Brutus and His Fellow Bruti

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“Good government consists in the ruler being a ruler, the minister being a minister, the father being a father, and the son being a son” (Riegel). Confucius spent his life pushing for equality and a new way of life in ancient China to give the Chinese people something to believe in during difficult times. Modern day China is the hidden engine room of the world. Through the overpowering role of a communist government, it allows them to focus the drive of the industrial workforce into a point in order to take on jobs outsourced by other countries. The official religion of China as of 2002 is Atheism, but the country is still filled with religious diversity including many religions spouting from the efforts of Confucius and his journey to …show more content…
The population expected Brutus to side with Caesar, the man warring against Pompey to revenge his father, but Brutus did not follow the path set before him. Brutus sided with Pompey because he believed that his grounds for war were buried in a stronger foundation than those of Caesar. Brutus had a copious amount of hatred toward the man who killed his lifeblood giver, but because he stood for the people and prided himself of staying straight and true, Brutus stayed by the side of a man who a lesser mortal would have slain sooner than fight for them, (Parallel). After Pompey’s defeat, Caesar respected Brutus enough that he enveloped him in his own embrace among his advisers. Though Caesar was his superior, Brutus tied his loyalties to the people and only held Caesar’s embrace as long as he believed was best for the people. Brutus was showered with power and riches, but he turned down many of them to keep his connection to the people he stood out for (Parallel). When Brutus felt that the people were in danger of an omnipotent ruler, he released his embrace and stabbed Caesar thirty-three times with the aid of his followers in the name of Rome (Shakespeare). The Bruti stepped out to face the Roman crowd bathed in Caesar’s blood and preached that Brutus was solely a path not a new ruler and welcomed them to slay him just the same if he became too powerful for the

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